Wisteria Fischer

The 2019 Wisteria Lapghan Crochet Pattern


A little part of your childhood

Isn’t it funny how a childhood memory can be suddenly jolted with a word or a song or a smell?

I often really struggle to come up with names for my patterns, so we play ‘name that pattern’ in the team. This one was no exception.
A few plays on Wisteria were being tossed around when I suddenly remembered jumping off a garden wall with my little brother to see if we could fly.

That wall was about 6-foot high, covered in ivy, and on its brick walls hung a carved wooden board that read ‘Wisteria Fischer.’
I was probably around 8, my brother around 5 and Wisteria Fischer was the house that we grew up in. We jumped off that wall many a time and when the wall got too small – or we got a little braver – we jumped off the garage roof. LOL, how we didn’t break a leg! Come to think of it, my brother did………..but that’s a story for a different day.

I hope that while you are making your Wisteria Fischer, you remember a little part of your childhood. It was fun to remember a little part of mine and fly like Superman again.

Material list

    You’re more than welcome to work the blanket in any yarn of your choice. However, depending on the yarn and tension, your yardage and blanket size may differ.

    Pattern Info

    Size: 115 x 115cm (45 x 45″)

    Skill Level: Easy peasy

    Hook Size: 3.5mm (e)

    Yarn Weight: 4ply

    Yardage: ~3000m (3280yds)

    Terminology: US

    Langauge: English


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