Wild Christmas

Six Wild Christmas Bauble Crochet Patterns

Nellie the Ellie just wants to be kissed, she heard that mistletoe is something nobody can resist. Unfortunately for Nellie she got the berry wrong. So, she has prickly holly on her head instead of mistletoe kisses.

Dazzle the Zebra got stung by a bee and her nose swelled up for all the other animals to see. Santa felt sorry for her so he introduced her to a new friend………. Dazzle and Rudolph are now friends to the end.

Raffie the Giraffe is a splendid fellow indeed. Santa met him one night when he was lost in the Karoo, but with Raffie’s long neck he saw the way out and off Santa flew. So if you are ever lost in the Karoo, now you know just what to do.

Fred the Ted wanted Santa’s job to deliver the presents on Christmas day. So, Santa sent him on a test run to see if Fred could find the way. Fred got lost around the first bend and all he could do was call up a friend. Fortunately, Fred has decided from now on in, he would just sit in the sleigh and let the big guy be the one leading the way.

Captain Penguin is Santa’s go to guy when he needs help deciding on who goes on the naughty list. He is a master sleuth who could be watching you, probably from your Christmas tree, at any time, reporting back to the big guy in the red suit on all your shenanigans. So, keep your eyes peeled for this Penguin and his peepers.

Roooooawr the Lion was originally from the great plains of Africa, but he just hated being hot. So, one day he decided he had had enough of sweating and headed for the North Pole. He now spends his days sipping on hot chocolate and eating as much candy cane as his paws can hold.


Vanessa Smith

Pattern Info

  • Skill Level: Easy-Peasy
  • Hook Size: 2.5mm
  • Yarn Weight: Double Knit
  • Terminology: US with metric sizes

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