I paid but it still keeps asking me to buy the video?

The most common reasons for not being able to access a video:

– You are not logged into your account, or you have been logged out.
– When you purchased the video, you used a different email at checkout to the one your account was created with.
– There was a typo in your email at checkout.

Login to your Account  
Check your Pattern Library – confirm the Video Tutorial is showing as a pattern purchase

If the video tutorial is listed in your library and you remain logged in, you should be able to access your video – if however you are still experiecing an issue, we can help you through our support chat located on the bottom right of your screen. 

If the video tutorial is not listed in your library, contact us using the chat feature on the bottom right of your screen, so we can correctly allocate it to your library.

I can't find my video in my library?

The library shows that you have purchased the video, it is not the location for the video. To access your video:
1: Make sure you are logged into your account on the device you are using to watch the video
2: Using the very top menu of the site – Select Menu item: Video Tutorials
3: From the list under Video Tutorials – Select the video you paid you for

If you are still experiencing issues access the video, click on the message icon on the bottom right of your screen, so we can assist you.

Do I get all the video's for my purchase?

When you purchase a video tutorial for a pattern, you get all the videos in the series for that specific pattern.

My video keeps buffering!

Many things can cause buffering on video – your internet connection, wifi connection or even the amount of people connected to your internet connection at the same time. Try reducing the video quality to see if things improve – using the little cog icon on the bottom right of the video – select image quality and reduce the quality setting until your video is no longer buffering.

Can I slow down the video to make it easier to follow?

Absolutley. Click on the little cog icon on the bottom right of your screen. Select video speed and you can pick a setting that works best!

Is the video enough, or do I also need the photo-tutorial pattern aswell?

We recommend the video be used in conjunction with the photo tutorial pattern. This is a separate purchase/download from the video.

Can I download or save the video to my device?

No, our videos can only be streamed from our website and with an internet connection.