The 2021 Thingie-ma-bob Afghan Crochet Pattern


Whatcha-ma-call-it’s fancy sister

After all the fun everyone had with Whatcha-ma-call-it and all the many requests I received via email or messenger to please design a doodad, or a doohickey, or a whatsit………. you didn’t think I was going to ignore you all, did you?

So herewith, by popular demand, Whatcha-ma-call-it’s fancy sister, Thingie-ma-bob! LOL, I bet you’re sitting there having a chuckle at the odd-sock designer and her weird pattern names. That’s okay, as long as you’re having a giggle, that’s all that matters.

Hope you have fun making your Thingie-ma-bob. Come and show me in the group cos I wanna see, okay?

Sending you lots of love until our next adventure.

Material list

    You’re more than welcome to work the blanket in any yarn of your choice. However, depending on the yarn and tension, your yardage and blanket size may differ.

    Pattern Info

    Size: 135 x 135cm (53 x 53″)

    Skill Level: Easy peasy
    w. a few tricksy spots

    Hook Size: 4mm (g)

    Yarn Weight: DK & 4ply

    Yardage: ~4830m (5282yds)

    Terminology: US

    Langauge: English


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