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Why does my receipt and bank statement say FSPRG or FastSpring?

We use FastSpring (FSPRG) as our payment processing company and merchant of record for all digital download purchases. FastSpring allows localised payments, ensures easier transaction completion, local tax compliance and improved safety for our customers.

How do I access my patterns or videos?

When you first made a purchase for a pattern or video, you created an account with us. Using that account information (email and password), you are able to login to our site using the My Account link in the menu at the top of your screen.

Login if you aren’t already

For Patterns – Click on my pattern Library (You should see all purchases and be able to download any pattern you have purchased)

For Video – you can access any video you have purchased by simply clicking on the menu, selection Video Tutorials and then the video you have purchased. Videos are streamed from our site and are not downloadable.

If you did not create an account at checkout, you can create one now and get access to your purchases through your own library on our website (make sure you use the same email you originally listed at checkout to create the account).

If you still cannot find your purchase – please use the FB message option on our page to contact us so we can help resolve any problem you have or reach out on our Facebook page or FB group.

Why is there TAX on my purchase?

In recent years, many governments around the world have begun implementing digital goods tax policies. These tax laws require that merchants of not just local but foreign companies must now charge, collect and submit tax at the specified rate. We now use FastSpring to ensure compliance with these varied taxation laws. The tax rate charged is based on the location of the purchaser and their local tax laws. Some territories may have no taxes as there is no digital taxation policy in place.

For more information on Digital tax charged: link

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