Inferno – Reversed


Inferno Reverse Cakes are 1500m and 5 colours.

Sunshine Fairy cakes are hand-dyed in beautiful Italy.
The yarn is a 50% cotton/acrylic mix and is custom balled by our very clever Cake Fairy, giving you a gorgeous quality product.
Each cake is designed as a centre pull, making it super easy to work with.
These gorgeous gradient cakes, are designed in a way that you don’t end up with big blocks of colour in the centre of your blanket, and only tiny bits towards your border so there is no need to cut and control colour changes.
The colours work through beautiful soft gradients and even come with extra sparkles if you want a little bit of glitz in your life and next blanket, cos every girl loves a bit of bling.
The yarn is securely knotted at intervals, so there is no need to stitch away ends……yaaaaaaay! Or worry about an ugly knot showing.
These cakes take all the stress and worry out of picking colours for those of us who are a bit challenged with the colour wheel.

Cakes are shipped by our clever fairy direct from the UK.

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