Phoenix CAL

Phoenix began as a notion for something fun and easy, but I never know where a design will take me. With each formation of stitches that make little hearts, leave kisses, bring butterflies or sprinkle flowers is a reminder that even when the sky is grey and life is full of yucky stuff, sometimes you have to kick off your shoes and dance in the rain.

Important note: PHOENIX the CAL is now over and you can purchase the compendium from the 2nd of August 2019, below:

Phoenix is also available in Video instructions for paid subscribers of the series.

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Important info About this CAL

This CAL is 11 weeks long, with a part released on each Friday. You can access the CAL free while it runs, once the CAL is completed it become a paid pattern.

We have an awesome team in our facebook group who offer pattern support. Join our group here and post questions you need assistance with and the HOS assist team will be there to help. Please note we do not have pattern support via email.

Copyright and intellectual property rights

This pattern or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or disseminated in any manner whatsoever, without the express written permission of the designers and authors. You may sell what you personally make – provided it is hand made by you and not commercial in quantity or production. For questions relating to permission or usage please contact us. This pattern is licensed under our EULA.