Hooked on sunshine is my crochet patterns and cals site, the name comes from my little boy’s nickname – cook-a-lulu sunshine. So, wherever you see sunshine in my work – that’s for him. I have always considered myself a creative soul, delving into many crafts – mosaic, painting, jewellery designs, embroidery and bead-work. Crochet, however, is what I am most passionate about and having started it through charity work, I am now in love with its versatility, from the cutest toy, an item of clothing through to something beautiful for your home.

Ardith Afghan and Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern Cover image


Crochet Patterns

I never know where a design will take me. With each formation of stitches that make little hearts, leave kisses, bring butterflies or sprinkle flowers is a reminder that even when…

Lilliana cover photo | by Hooked on Sunshine

Crochet Alongs

CALs – Past and Present

Join a large group of wonderful folks on an adventure, all crocheting the same pattern at the same time and all around the world. Parts released incrementally and completed over a set time or done at your own pace.

Sunshine Kisses and fairy Wishes Afghan Cover Photo


Crochet Patterns

A collection of Ami by myself and fellow South African designers Monika Mohr and Jessie Van In…

Sunshine Kisses and fairy Wishes Afghan Cover Photo

Free Patterns

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