Library Help

I am logged in but – I can’t see my patterns / i can’t purchase a pattern it says you must register first but i am registered and logged in?

The pattern library uses a different login system from the web-site, you might be logged into the shopping cart for the main site but not the pattern library. Go to the Library register page (you can duplicate your HOS login info if it makes life easier for you – but be mindful not to use passwords you use for other websites, especially banking related).  If you have both registrations done and still cant access the library after login – contact us.

I did not get the option to download or get the email with download links after paying?

Sometimes emails can get blocked by your service provider as spam or your page doesn’t redirect because of security settings. Don’t worry though – you can access your recently purchased pattern in the ‘My Patterns section’.

My Email Links to download have expired?

Don’t worry – just go to your My patterns section of the library and everything will be there – no limitations on time and downloading.

I don’t see all my patterns?

We can only link patterns purchased on the HOS site. We cannot cross link platforms like Ravelry or Etsy or your purchases there. If you have purchased them on HOS but cant see recent or older patterns – Contact us so we can check they are linked to your email address/ registration.

Why is there VAT/Tax on my purchase?

For South Africans we have to charge 14% vat for all pattern sales.  If you live outside of South Africa and you were charged vat/tax on your pattern – please contact us.

How do i get an invoice/receipt?

Visit the ‘My Patterns section‘ – the option to generate an invoice/ receipt is there next to each purchase history listed.

Why is the pattern section in Dollars and the Yarn store in South African Rands?

Our pattern library works with Paypal standard only – the API (paypal interface between our library and their payment system) currently does not support South African Rands, as such we cannot offer Rands until Paypal accepts the currency option. Our Yarn store does not use a Paypal API, instead we send paypal invoices manually in international currencies or for immediate payment we use the Paygate  API which is in South African Rands.