Hubble is an easy-peasy pattern with almost no sewing. He’s crocheted together in one piece and all you have to sew is the eyes! This 26-page pattern has just over 100 photos to guide you effortlessly through making your own snuggly cephalopod. If you want to be spoon-fed through your first amigurumi as a beginner, this pattern is for you!

This squiddie is also a very robust design that will stand up to the roughhousing of older children. If you make your squid using Hubble’s yarn kit, you’ll have a beautiful, premium quality heirloom toy to be passed down for generations.

Note: This toy has not been safety tested for babies or young children. Although squids are becoming more popular as an effective therapy for premature babies, please exercise extreme caution when giving anything to a baby. Do not leave a baby unsupervised with this toy for any length of time.

Pattern Info

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Yarn Weight: DK
  • Terminology: US with metric sizes

Jessie Van In
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Hubble the squid | by Projectarian
Hubble Cover
Hubble the squid | by Projectarian
Hubble the squid | by Projectarian
Hubble the squid | by Projectarian

Detailed Photo Tutorial

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Yarn Kits

Hubble Yark Kits

Skeins of gorgeous squishy hand-painted South African Merino – by Miss La Motte, this stuff is a total dream to work with and there is a rainbow in every stitch. Also included is the additional 70 grams of Acrylic yarn required.


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