I haven't received my download email

Thanks to endless pesky spammers around the world – Email service providers tend to use very strict filtering and that can mean your email from us is being blocked. Check your “promotions” folder, “spam”folder and “newsletter” or “other” folders.

Next – check that your email address is correct – go to your profile in the library and check your information. If the email address is correct – You can try whitelisting our email like this: add this to your whitelist/trustlist – *@hookedonsunshine.co

If you still cannot find the email – you can access your download in your own library which is created on purchase – https://hookedonsunshine.co/my-patterns/


I can't open the file type

At this point we ask that you don’t throw your device in the bin. Our patterns are converted into PDF files because they are easy to save, store, transfer and read – file type.  The error message you are getting is most likely because you need to have a PDF viewer installed or updated.

Install or update acrobat viewer. The cool folks at Adobe made this a free program that you can download in your APP store or directly from Adobe (please make sure you use ADOBE acrobat viewer) – https://www.adobe.com

I need help saving the file to my Apple

This is why you shouldn’t get Apple products to start with,  okay-okay they are really nice and I don’t have one, but apparently it’s super easy so we have found this neat little tutorial on google for doing just that: http://www.macinstruct.com/node/444

A part to the pattern is missing

When a part is uploaded to a pattern – that part becomes available in all the libraries in which a person has purchased or downloaded the pattern. Some folks might have an issue where their Internet service provider or even browser is caching (saving an older copy of the page) – to fix this – refresh your the page:

Hold Ctrl and click ⟳ on Chrome. You can also hold Ctrl and press F5 to force-refresh the page.
Hold ⇧ Shift and click ⟳ on Mac. You can also hold down ⌘ Command+⇧ Shift and press R to force-refresh the page.
Hold Ctrl and press F5 on Edge.
Hold Ctrl and click ⟳ on IE.
Hold ⇧ Shift and click ⟳ on Safari.

If you still cant find your pattern – please double check that where you purchased it, maybe you purchased the pattern on Ravelry and not on Hooked on Sunshine or vice versa.

Did you pre-register for a pattern or cal? In which case parts are released on future dates only?

If none of these helped you – please get in touch on the contact us from so we can help you troubleshoot.