Gravity the Triceratops

The 2019 Gravity the Triceratops Amigurumi Crochet Along Pattern


The happiest rock candy dinosaur

Gravity the Triceratops is the happiest rock candy dinosaur you will ever meet! She lives in the blazing desert of the hottest planet in a scorching galaxy far away. Rock candy dinosaurs get their name from their favourite food; they use their strong beak to chip bite-sized slabs off rock candy cliff faces.

Herds of cliff-grazing triceratopses can carve great quarries into the desert landscapes they roam. The desert is heated by bonbon volcanos that erupt regularly, filling the sky with puffy clouds of candyfloss and spewing flows of molten caramel, keeping the rivers full for triceratopses to drink from.

Gravity’s tough hide protects her during sugar storms, and her horns are used for harvesting toffee apples in the Burning Orchards. Rock candy triceratopses have no natural enemies, partly due to their bulletproof, stocky build and protective frill, but mainly because of their friendly personalities!

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Material list

    Not for infants.
    **If you intend making this for a child, please check your local safety laws as to age suitability!

    Pattern Info

    Size: 30cm tall & 50cm long

    Skill Level: Intermediate

    Hook Size: 2, 3 & 4mm hook

    Yarn Weight:  DK

    Yardage: ~630m (689yds)

    Terminology: US

    Langauge: English


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