Candycane the Christmas Unicorn

The 2021 Candycane the Christmas Unicorn Amigurumi Crochet Pattern


One particularly magical Christmas Eve

One particularly magical Christmas Eve, a single enchanted snowflake drifted through an open crack in a kitchen window and landed quietly on a stack of four candy canes. Suddenly, in a tiny explosion of icy glitter and shooting stars, the smallest Christmas unicorn sprang into existence!

Candycane the Christmas Unicorn has hooves made from sweet, crisp peppermint candy that click-clock delightfully as she trots across your dining room table, exploring all the bedazzling Christmas tree decorations. She can’t wait to take her own place on the tree, sparkling brightly in the wondrous eyes of small children while carols tinkle merrily in the background.
And when the children have gathered round the fireplace for Christmas stories and nobody’s watching her, Candycane sneaks pecans to the Nutcracker for a midnight feast along with the other creatures who live in her Christmas tree. They discuss what wonderment might be concealed in the beautifully wrapped parcels under the tree, and the likelihood of snow on Christmas day.

This pattern will guide you through techniques such as how to make spiralling candy stripes, crochet features onto the body and embroider simple details on the face. The design has very little sewing and is crocheted almost entirely in one piece. Make Candycane as a poseable toy or add a string and hang her on your Christmas tree. This is a quick project to work up, so you can make multiple to use as tree decorations.

Candycane can be made as a regular pony without her horn, and you may also omit the stripes on her legs by working them in a plain colour. Her hair can easily be made longer by adding more chain stitches although making it as directed will result in a mane and tail that’s easy to style by twisting, scrunching or smoothing into different ‘dos to suit all Candycane’s adventures.
This miniature Christmas filly is here to make your festive season magical! I hope you enjoy the pattern!

Material list

    Not for infants.
    **If you intend making this for a child, please check your local safety laws as to age suitability!

    Pattern Info

     Size: 15cm tall (6″)

    Skill Level: Advanced

    Hook Size: 1 & 2mm hook

    Yarn Weight:  DK & Laceweight

    Yardage: 96m (105yds)

    Terminology: US

    Langauge: English


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