Atlas the Lion Cub

Don’t be fooled by his floppy cuteness, Atlas is a ferocious roaring lion, striking fear in the hearts of man and beast! Although, it’s hard to be intimidated by those big moon eyes and squidgy pink toe beans! This cub is only a baby of course, he hasn’t grown a mane yet so Atlas wears this bushy bonnet to look like King of the Jungle but sshhh – don’t tell the other cubs it’s fake!

This hefty babe is almost the size of a real baby big cat, and with the option to put weights in his body and make him using the lush merino yarn kit, he becomes a weighted therapy toy and an heirloom.

Jessie Van In

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Intermediate: Involved stitch pattern, colourwork, and/or shaping.
Although Atlas the Lion Cub is rated as an intermediate pattern, don’t be scared to try it no matter what your skill level! The pattern has been thoroughly tested by the HOS team, to make sure it’s concise and easy to follow. Along with eliminating any bugs, Jessie has also added over 100 high-quality photos to the pattern, to make it accessible to all skill levels. If you happen to get stuck, you can always ask for help in our FB group!

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