Atlanticus spun too, spinning till he had yarn of green and blue. They both worked through the night and all the next day until finally their blankets were done. In excited anticipation they each wrapped themselves in the blankets they had made, but nothing happened! Lilliana cried out in anguish, and with tears welling in her eyes she threw her blanket into the water. It floated out on the gentle current to Atlanticus, who grabbed it. As soon as he touched it, he immediately felt it! Her love was there! He let go of his blanket and wrapped himself in hers.

As he did so, he closed his eyes and felt Lilliana’s love holding him, felt her warmth enfolding him.
Lilliana watched from the shore as Atlanticus’s blanket slowly floated towards her. She picked it up as it settled on the dry shore. Instantaneously she felt it! His love! She was touching his love! So she wrapped the blanket around her, closed her eyes, and was enveloped in his love! Experiencing their love once again, they opened their eyes and now suddenly they were in each other’s arms.

“You use it to make yourself a blanket, silly girl, and so must he! You spin yarn instead of petals and he must use the blue of the sea. When your blankets are done and your love still strong, wrap yourselves tight and all spells are undone,”

Pattern Info

  • Size: 145 x 145cm
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Hook Size: 4mm
  • Yarn Weight: DK
  • Terminology: US with metric sizes

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