I am so very, very excited to introduce you to my latest creation, Ardith Aurelia Sunshine, the ❤️ child of Atlanticus and Lilliana. Oh my goodness! Did this young lady ever put me through my paces, but I have been told that beautiful children can often be temperamental. Come and join me on an adventure that is sure to keep you glued to the edge of your seat and will definitely have you shouting at the hubby to “shooooosh! I’m counting!”.

Through fields of flowers and hints of the magical ocean, this blanket will take your crochet adventures to new heights. I cannot wait to see all the mind-boggling gorgeousness that we are about to embark on. It’s a definite SQUEEEEEE moment. Grab your hook, get your yarn and find a comfy spot, we are off on another journey of love and stitches.

Important info About this Pattern

This Pattern is available as:
A baby blanket (110cm)
An afghan (150cm)

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Ardith is also available in Video instructions. This video is a separate purchase from the printed pattern – price is for the whole series of videos.

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