Ardith Baby Girl

The 2020 Ardith Ardith Baby Girl Baby Blanket Pattern


Mind-boggling gorgeousness

Baby Girl is the Baby blanket version of Ardith Aurelia Sunshine, the ❤️ child of Atlanticus and Lilliana.

Through fields of flowers and hints if the magical ocean, this blanket will take your crochet adventures to new heights. I cannot wait to see all the mind-boggling gorgeousness that we are about to embark on. It’s a definite SQUEEEEEE moment. Grab your hook, get your yarn and find a comfy spot, we are off on another journey of love and stitches.

Ness xxx

Material list

    You’re more than welcome to work the blanket in any yarn of your choice. However, depending on the yarn and tension, your yardage and blanket size may differ.

    Pattern Info

    Size: 110 x 110cm (43 x 43″)

    Skill Level: Intermediate

    Hook Size: 4mm (g)

    Yarn Weight: DK

    Yardage: ~3500m (3827yds)

    Terminology: US

    Langauge: English


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