Aquila the Kitten

The 2022 Aquila the Kitten Amigurumi Crochet Along Pattern


A crafty kitten

This CAL will run over 2 weeks:

3rd June – The Prelude releases
17th June – Part 1 releases
20th June – Part 2 releases
24th June – Part 3 releases
27th June – Part 4 releases as well as the full pattern

Aquila is a crafty kitten, in both senses of the word. Her cunning is matched only by her artistic flair for decorating your living room with rainbows of yarn like spaghetti confetti. She’s smart enough to wait until you’re not looking, though – partly so that you won’t interfere with her creative process – but mainly to surprise you when you come back, so she can enjoy your reaction of sheer joy at her most wondrous and artful gift to you.

This pattern is part of the Projectarian’s Year of Fur event, where all Projectarian patterns are fur themed for 2022. Aquila’s special furry feature is needle felting, an optional extra you can use to totally transform your kitten into any specific type of cat!

This life-sized kitten is made in a rigid sitting pose with a body that is crocheted, mostly in one piece without extensive sewing. She has realistic eyes and a mouth that can open. Aquila can be customized to make different types of cats by using specific colours while crocheting, or by needle-felting a fur coat onto her once crocheting is complete – or even a combination of both.

Aquila the Kitten can be made by crocheting only, but if you’d like to add the element of fur, there is a free tutorial on how to turn Aquila in to a Bengal cat – or any other kind you want – by needle felting! You can use this method to add just a few markings or cover her entire body with a new kitty pelt. See the felting module included with this pattern for more info and click the link below to watch Aquila’s FREE felting video. 

Watch the FREE video on how to needle felt Aquila here.
Get the FREE felting supplies list here.

Pattern Info

Size: ~22cm tall (8,5in)

Skill Level: Advanced

Hook Size: 1 & 1.5, 2mm hook

Yarn Weight:  DK & Crochet thread size 5

Yardage: ~480m (524yds)

Gauge: (2mm hook, DK yarn) 7 stitches and 7 rows = 3 cm. 7SC X 7 rows

Terminology: US

Langauge: English


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